Best Arch Support Socks

What Are The Best Arch Support Socks?

The best arch support socks are determined by  a variety of features and functionality. Whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or a running injury, take a look at the list below for insight as you begin to plan your next purchase.

Arch Support

When looking for a sock that provides arch support, make sure that they are built for that very purpose. Do you need arch support for flat feet? Are you a patient looking for orthotic socks or recovery socks? Check the insoles of the sock to ensure that they have built-in support that keeps your foot positioned in a way that relieves arch pain and keeps its shape as you move about. These may feel stiff when you first wear them, but over time you will get used to the feeling.


One of the main issues with arch support is a lack of cushioning that protects the entire foot as you walk. If your sock or shoe doesn’t provide adequate cushion for the heel and ball of your foot, your arch will pay the price. Pay attention to the cushioning of the sock when going to buy your next pair.

Full-Length Insole

Varying sock brands will have different lengths of the sock. To provide full support for the entire foot makes sure that the arch support sock is a full-length sock - covering from toe to ankle. This will ensure that you don’t have a displacement of cushioning or support.

Compression Foot Sleeve

Compression foot sleeves are a great option for individuals looking for a sock that provides cushioned arch support as well as improved blood flow and circulation. These socks have been designed to bring comfort and support no matter what activity you take part in throughout the day. These socks are also great for sports as well as wearing at night for added comfort. The rigid arches of these insole socks provide a structure that keeps the foot in position to relieve pain.

Top Choice for Neuropathy Patients

Diabetic & Arthritic Gel Socks

These gel heel socks for neuropathy are another great option for individuals seeking arch support for a variety of issues. Featuring a layer of silicone gel throughout the sole, these socks provide protection from friction, abrasion, and calluses for individuals who may suffer from loss of feeling or foot numbness. Latex-free and hypoallergenic, these socks are great for healthcare patients and those struggling with diabetes or foot deformities.

Revolutionize Your Sock Game

At Solestice Socks, our team of dreamers is constantly developing ideas that will revolutionize the footwear industry.  Our goal is to bring new levels of comfort through ingenuity, uniting the best qualities of silver threaded socks and custom formed insoles into a perfect hybrid.

With each pair of Solestice Socks, you take arch support wherever you go - leaving foot pain behind for good. We're working each day to reach more people and introduce the novel ideas and sustainable model of Solestice Socks to the world. Join us as we begin our journey.


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