Do I Really Need Arch Support?

Your feet are the foundation of your movement so it's important to understand why arch support is critical for your overall mobility and health. Foot fatigue happens in a number of ways. It comes from waiting in line, walking miles at your favorite theme park, or wearing uncomfortable shoes. Walking on hard surfaces tends to exacerbate the pressure on your feet because the surfaces we walk on should provide give and cushion.

Most people don't have a lot of options when it comes to avoiding bad environments for there feet. Athletes and office workers alike submit themselves to environmental conditions that decrease foot health over time. Arch support is a way of supplementing padding at the most structurally important part of your foot. This helps increase longevity and sustain pain-free heals, ankles, knees and more. 

Benefits of Arch Support

  •     Provides balance and stability
  •     Improves posture
  •     Lessens or prevents pain
  •     Reduces foot fatigue
  •     Helps maintain your natural arch 
  •     Arch support distributes pressure across your feet and helps align your body.

Types of Arches

Not every foot is the same and there are different types of arches. These are the main types of arches

High Arches

High Arch Foot Pressure MapThese are arches that are raised more than normal. People with high arches often have rigid feet. High arches are normally something you are born with. People with high arches put more pressure on the ball and heel of their feet. People with high arches can develop supination, which is when your arch doesn’t collapse enough to absorb the shock of walking and running. This can cause issues such as heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arch strain and other foot issues.


Low Arches

Also known as flat feet or collapsed arch, is when the arch sits very close or on the ground. People with low arches typically have very flexible feet but with little to no arch their feet tend to roll inwards and are susceptible to over pronating. This can cause plantar fasciitis, knee problems, heel spurs and other foot issues. 

Normal Arch

A normal arch is when the arch is neither low nor high and is the most common foot type. Normal arches are better equipped to distribute pressure evenly in the foot but they still get tired and are just as vulnerable to getting common foot problems like heel pain and overpronation.

What are Collapsed Arches?

Without proper support normal and high arches can collapse overtime and cause flat feet. That is why it is so important to take preventative measures and support your feet. 

M benefit from wearing insole socks with arch support because regardless of your arch height, when you support the bones in your feet you feel better all around. 

Arch support is critical in many different settings

  1. Athletes

Athletes want to execute their best at all times. In any sport an athletes feet are an essential part in how they perform. With constant pounding on hard surfaces, quick reactions and maintaining proper balance it is particularly important that the pressure is dispersed evenly throughout the foot.

  1. Moms-To-Be

Foot Support For Pregnant WomenPregnancy puts your body through so many changes. The added weight can add additional stress to your already swollen feet causing the foot to flatten.  Wearing arch supports to disperse the pressure can help you feel your best.



    1. Professionals On Their Feet
    2. Spending long periods of time on your feet can take a toll on your body causing foot, knee and back pain. Arch support will help spread the weight across the entire bottom of your foot reducing and potentially eliminating the pain and fatigue during the day. 

  1. Overweight People
People who are overweight or heavy place a greater burden and pressure on their feet. This can cause pain in the ball of feet, heels, arches, ankles and knees and make exercising difficult causing more weight gain. Wearing arch supports is crucial for helping to disperse the excess weight across the entire foot, to assist in maintaining the natural arch of the foot and prevent fallen arches.
    1. Older Adults

As age increases muscles and tendons lose the elasticity they had in their youth. Not bouncing back as they once did can cause foot ailments to be more common. Also increasing age can often cause a decrease in balance, which can lead to falls; arch supports can help increase balance. Bottom line having supportive footwear as you age is extremely important.

Why Can’t I Just Wear Shoes?

The problem is our shoes don’t always give us the proper support that we need to distribute the pressure of our weight through our feet from our everyday activities. That is why people buy insoles, the downside to these is you have to move them from shoe to shoe and they don’t fit in every type of shoe. 

Arch Support Shoes

One of the great things about insole socks is that they are compatible with all footwear making them ultra convenient. You don’t have to buy different insoles for your athletic shoes and dress shoes. Since you are going to wear socks anyways with your shoes why not just wear insole socks! They fit in any shoe, even ones that you couldn’t normally wear insoles with including womens stylish shoes like booties! 

Solestice Arch Support Socks

Solestice socks have gel arch support that fits flawlessly across the length of your arch and can also be worn around the house and disperse the pressure on hard floors without the need for shoes or slippers. 

We make it easy for you to get the arch support you need. Take care of your feet and provide them with the continuous support of Solestice socks.


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